Ice, snow and slush, oh my!

If you found yourself slipping in this slush this morning, you are not alone. While the snow last night may have been beautiful, the conditions we woke up to this morning pose some dangers. Accidents can happen to even the most seasoned New Englanders. During the winter, your risk of personal injury drastically increases. In the coming season, it is important to know that it is the responsibility of a property owner to maintain safe conditions on their sidewalk or storefront. If a store neglects to properly remove snow or ice, they are liable for any resulting injuries that occur on their property.

If you were to fall on snow or ice on a sidewalk outside of a store or business due to poorly maintained conditions, you should contact an Attorney. If you experience a fall under these circumstances, be sure to obtain a picture of the spot where you fell. This will help to prove that the business neglected to properly maintain their property. Even if your fall does not require immediate medical attention, be aware that relating medical problems may arise after the fact. As we enter another winter, take the proper precautions to ensure your safety but be aware that it is a businesses’ legal responsibility to provide safe conditions to its patrons.

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