Slipping and falling at the Supermarket

Falls at the supermarket happen all the time. The most common place to fall is in the produce aisle. The reason for this is those little sprayers that spray water on the fruits and veggies to keep them fresh. They also cause a lot of people to wipe out. Another big cause of falls at the supermarket are spills on the floor from any number of causes.

When is a supermarket responsible for their customers falling in their store?

A supermarket would be responsible if they caused the injury. For instance, if one of those sprayer thingies was pointed directly into the aisle where customers walk and someone falls, there would be liability on the part of the supermarket. The market would also be liable if a spill that is left on the floor for an unreasonable amount of time. The big question in determining whether the market bears responsibility is whether they had notice of the condition and was the result of the condition reasonably foreseeable?

Supermarkets often require their managers and employees to inspect the premises regularly for just this very reason. If a fall occurs on a wet surface near the entrance or in a very visible location, that responsibility.

If you get hurt at the market, it is very important to report it to the manager on duty and get a copy of their report. Pictures of the area also help as does a copy of your receipt and names of any witnesses. You as the plaintiff have the burden of proving that the market was negligent.

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