SJC overturns more drug convictions.

Last week, the Supreme Judicial Court of MA overturned more drug convictions resulting from the chemist at the Amherst drug lab. Additionally, the Court is requiring Attorney General Maura Healy’s office to cover the cost of reaching out to all persons affected by this decision. The result is that there are potentially 13,000 convictions that will now be overturned. Some of those convicted may still be serving time in jail for their convictions.

The criminal chemist, Sonja Farak, pleaded guilty to tampering in 2014. She admitted to having a drug addiction and in order to feed her addiction, she tampered with evidence on samples assigned to her as well as to other chemists in the lab.

If you or somebody you know was convicted of a drug crime in Massachusetts between January 8, 2009 and January 18, 2013, you should contact your attorney, the Court where you were convicted or the Attorney General’s office directly to inquire as to next steps.

Here is the link to the article:

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