What they don’t tell you at the Vape Shop

Vaping has become very popular among teenagers and young adults. Vape pens, also referred to as e-cigs and juuls, are the subject of today’s blog.

The reality is that vaping can be quite dangerous and there are a rising number of incidents where the pens are quite literally exploding. This man was driving and his vape exploded in his pants pocket resulting in second degree burns.

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After an incident like this, people can’t help but wonder if they can sue. The answer to this question is “it depends”. If the explosion is due to faulty design or a manufacturing defect, then it’s possible to sue for damages. If the explosion is due to improper care of the device, then you would likely not have a cause of action. And, more often than not, these incidents are caused by improper care of the device.

These pens need a lot of upkeep and care and the vape shops may not be providing this crucial information. The shops show you how to use it but it generally goes no further. There are inner coils inside each pen which must be changed every week or so depending upon usage. The lithium batteries get worn out with use and when the tape covering the battery is compromised, this creates the potential for danger. Reading about these pens and what kind of regular care they need has made me nervous for the young adults out there who are using them. I strongly encourage you to reach out to the “vapers” in your life and make sure they know the importance of regular maintenance of these vape devices.

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