Restorative Justice

I am involved with a terrific organization called Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ). C4RJ partners with local police departments in an effort to steer first time offenders away from a life of crime. In an effort to bring awareness to the perpetrator of the effects of his or her crimes and healing to the victim, both parties agree to go through the process and if completed successfully, the offender avoids a criminal record.

In criminal cases, the victim is largely ignored by the process; rarely being heard as many cases are pleaded out. The offender, also, is often insulated from the direct effects of his actions on the victim. Restorative justice seeks to change all of that. Through the use of a healing circle, the victim and the offender are brought together with trained volunteers as well as local law enforcement.

To date, we have 17 member police departments who refer cases to C4RJ as well as the Middlesex County DA’s office. If this is an organization you would like to become involved with, please visit for more information!

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