Recent developments in the way Middlesex County handles adoptions!

Since Trump took office, I have had a surprising number of same sex couples come to me seeking adoption of their children by the non biological parent. As many of you know, same sex Marriage is recognized in this country by all but 13 States. Massachusetts was the first such state to make it legal. Many of these couples have begun raising children of their own. In the cases of female couples, generally one of the parents is the biological parent with the use of an anonymous donor. While the other parent (the non biological one) enjoys the same rights as the biological parent in Massachusetts, there is increasing anxiety that our new president might somehow try to curtail or diminish those rights.

The obvious solution is for the non biological parent to formally adopt the child or children in order to secure their rights permanently. Until recently, the process for adoption consisted of a lot of paperwork and motions to be excused from having a DCF home study and the requirement to notify the sperm donor. After having the paperwork approved, the adoption would go to a hearing in front of a Probate Judge. In Middlesex County, the Court has done away with the hearing requirement and are now processing the adoptions administratively due to the increased volume.

If you or someone you know wishes to secure their parental rights within a same sex marriage, I encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity!

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