Third-party claims on Worker’s Comp. cases

A worker’s compensation claim will cover the cost of any medical bills and lost wages incurred from any injuries that have occurred while in the course of employment. If you have a worker’s compensation claim, there is a strong possibility that you also have a claim against a 3rd party. This third party can be anyone who may have contracted your employer, such as a separate company or a private property owner. There are a multitude of factors that can contribute to an accident, which means it is important to uncover the root cause so that the proper party can be held responsible. If you have experienced an accident at work, it is important to speak with an Attorney. Your accident may have been a result of faulty machinery, improper site maintenance, or a failure to follow proper procedures. In such a case, there may be another company or personal property owner who can be held liable. If you currently have an open worker’s compensation claim, contact an Attorney to find out any and all responsible parties so that they may be held accountable, and you can receive the proper compensation.

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