Parenting and COVID-19

Co-parenting through a divorce has never been easy, but this is an unprecedentedly difficult time. COVID-19 has changed the landscape of everything, so you may be questioning what this means for your parenting time. As of March 24th, Chief Justice Casey has stated that “Parenting orders are not stayed at this time.” This means that your current parenting order is to be followed.

All exchanges should go forward as planned. There will be challenges to face and adjustments to be made, but cooperation is necessary. At a time such as this, children need to spend time with both of their parents, and both parents need to see their children. In the extreme case in which one parent is quarantined, the other should ensure that phone calls or video chats happen in lieu of visits. It is each party’s responsibility to ensure that this routine is upheld.

Any break from parenting time is a contemptible issue. The court is still open to hear emergencies. Each Probate Court’s process differs, but in order to file an emergency motion, you will need an Attorney. Should any issues arise, please contact Briones Law Group.

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