“Hands Free” Law Headaches Already Beginning

As of February 23rd, 2020, Massachusetts has implemented the “hands-free” law. Penalty of violating this law is $100.00 for the first offense. While a $100.00 fine may seem like a minor consequence, you should be aware that this law can easily expose additional violations.


Picture this scenario: John Smith is driving on a suspended license. He believes that if he obeys all the other rules of the road, there’s no chance of getting caught. The police can’t just pull him over at random; right? Then his cell phone rings, and he picks up. A cop sees this- and pulls him over for the violation. The cop quickly realizes that Mr. Smith is driving on a suspended license, and there is an outstanding warrant from district court that has long been forgotten. Now this minor infraction has exposed a host of new charges. John Smith is going to need to call his attorney.


Since Massachusetts implemented the “hands-free” law, our office has seen a rise in scenarios such as this. In the first week that this law was implemented, police issued over 500 warnings. We have become so attune to our phones, that violating this law is almost easy. A single moment of lapsed judgement can invite an onslaught of additional charges. So, while you may not be concerned about the ramifications of violating the “Hands-Free” law, you should be aware of what it can expose.

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